Fairy Floss Glass Candle


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Wax filled and ready to use votives are a great option for any space that needs to make its evening feels special-after all, when it comes to mood lighting few things can match up to the warmth and relaxation that candles bring with them and this piece here is no exception delightfully designed and compact-it is a versatile piece of illumination that could be used in any part of your home with great effect.
The dotted pattern on the body is as exquisite as the illumination this wax filled votive is going to provide revel in the satisfaction of seeing the fine lines and rough edges melt away as shadows grow longer and your spaces demand to look ore soothing and relaxed. The votive is filled with the kind f wax that will give you hours of burn time. The tough glass will be able to with stand the heat from the candles and the delightful looking glass exterior will come alive with all its design detail as the votive is lit from the inside. Light one such votive and let your mood and the conversation drift to things close to heart and feel its relaxing warmth draw away your worries and your stress. You could use it in any part of your home where you wish to draw more focus-maybe close to a flower arrangement or near another accent you wish to draw attention to.