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Acadian Address Book

$16.00incl GST

Assorted Hanging Crystals

From$17.00incl GST

Astral Gate Tarot

$25.00incl GST

AUM Tibertan Journal

$20.00incl GST

Bell LED Lantern

$45.00incl GST

Big Ideas Graph Book

$18.00incl GST

Boho Cushion

$35.00incl GST

Bordeaux Journal

$49.00incl GST

Cactus Flower Dish

$15.00incl GST

Caspari Playing Cards

$24.00incl GST

Ceramic Lotus Incense

$28.00incl GST

Ceramic Elephant Bowl

$13.00incl GST

Ceramic Jappa Cups

$6.50incl GST

Ceramic Red Bowl

J Lupling hanging ceramic ornaments

$23.00incl GST

Ceramic Teapots

From$36.00incl GST

Chakra Crystal Pendulum

From$22.00incl GST

Cotton Table Runner

$28.00incl GST

Crystal Ball Pont

$18.00incl GST

Crystal Gift Bags

From$16.00incl GST

Crystal Massage Rollers

From$30.00incl GST

Crystal Point Pendant

$12.50incl GST

Crystal Points

From$18.50incl GST

Crystal Spheres

From$22.00incl GST

Dynasty Journal

$48.00incl GST

Embossed Hamsa Box

$38.00incl GST

Embossed Om Box

$38.00incl GST

Embossed Owl Box

$38.00incl GST

Essensory Candles

$16.00incl GST

Evil Eye & Butterfly Wall Hanging

Gorgeous Silver Butterfly with Eyes inserted in wings. Crystal hangs from Butterfly ready to catch the sun's rays. 38cm drop.

$31.00incl GST

Floral Serving Bowls

$23.00incl GST

Floral Serving Plates

$23.00incl GST

Flower-Child Dolls

$85.00incl GST

Foiled Glass Jar

$26.00incl GST

Fragrance Diffusers

$15.00incl GST

Ganesh Brass Bells

$23.00incl GST

Ganesh Figurine

$29.50incl GST

Gilded Branch Journal

$38.00incl GST

Gilded Ivory Journal

$45.00incl GST

Gold Resting Buddha

$49.60incl GST

Handmade Elephants

$17.00incl GST

Hanging Votive White Lanterns

This hangable lamp shade brings to life the ancient quatrefoil pattern.

From$29.00incl GST

Helen Cairney Hanging Print

From$38.00incl GST

Indeja Voucher $50.00

$50.00incl GST

Islamic Star Cushions

$38.00incl GST

Jade Ell Art Prints

$38.00incl GST

Jade Ell Calendar

$38.00incl GST

Jewelry Box Buddha

$32.00incl GST

Kama Perfumed Oil

From$18.00incl GST

Kangana Henna Cones

$3.70incl GST

Kibris Holder

$24.00incl GST

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

$28.00incl GST

Large Singing Bowls

$168.00incl GST

Leaf Dreamcatcher

$39.50incl GST

Leather Notebook

$48.00incl GST

Lip Balm

$22.00incl GST

Mandala Jewellery Box

$45.00incl GST

Mandala Suncatcher

$32.00incl GST

Meditating Buddha Statue

From$39.00incl GST

Medium Singing Bowls

$94.00incl GST

Millefiori Journal

$45.00incl GST

Napkin Rings

From$6.00incl GST

Nazar Eyes Suncatcher

$32.00incl GST

Note Card Sets

$34.00incl GST

Notebook A6

Tallon A6 Assorted notebooks

$9.00incl GST

Organic Perfume Spray

$14.00incl GST

Ornate Tapestry Jar

$52.00incl GST

Papaya Double Tassel

Papaya double tassle

$25.00incl GST

Papaya Wall Art

$32.00incl GST

Papaya Waterfall Tassel

Papaya waterfall tassle

$21.50incl GST

Party Animal Journal

$25.00incl GST

Pendulum Crystal Point

From$15.00incl GST

Persian Grove Journal

$45.00incl GST

Puppy School Notebook

$32.00incl GST

Purple Forest Journal

$45.00incl GST

Single Tassels

Single tassle with bell

$7.00incl GST

Small Guinea Fowl Jar

$36.00incl GST

Small Singing Bowl

$89.00incl GST

Soap Sheets

$16.00incl GST

Spanish Style Fan

$15.00incl GST

Spiritual Sky Essential Oils

17 Different Scents to choose from.

$13.30incl GST

Tarot Candle

$24.00incl GST

Tashi Delek Journal

$20.00incl GST


Tassel With Pompoms

$10.00incl GST

Tasseled Bookmarks

$12.00incl GST

The Magic Gate Tarot

$25.00incl GST

The Puzzle Cube

$27.60incl GST

Tree of Life Crystal

$29.00incl GST

Turkish Mosaic Holder

$16.00incl GST

Wellington Artist Magnets

From$4.20incl GST

Windy Welly Girl Mug

$39.00incl GST

Wooden Fans

$10.50incl GST

Wooden Forks & Spoons

From$5.00incl GST

Wordsmith A5 Notebook

$27.50incl GST

Wrendale Shopping List Pads

Wrendale shopping list magnetic pads

$18.00incl GST