Song of India Herbal Incense Sticks



$6.00incl GST

Bambooless herbal incense sticks by Song of India. Includes 50 sticks and an incense stick holder.

Scents in the range include:

Abundance - Blend of Floral, Jasmine and Lemon

Complicity - Mossy Wood Notes

Energy - Citrus with dry Woody Notes

Harmony - Rose Note with Floral Bouquet

Health - Woody Note with Incense

Luck - Fresh Citrus Note

Meditation - Bitter Orange with Oriental Note

Sensuality - Fancy Aromatic Fougere

Serenity - Oceanic Notes

Sweetness - Lavender with Aromatic Fern

Wellness - Vaporous Note of Eucalyptus, Camphor with Herbal Green Note