Windhorse - Himalayan Incense Sticks


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A Puja offering for purification.
This very special Tibetan incense takes its name from the traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags. Prepared from Red & White Sandalwood, Saffron, Juniper, Mountain Laura, Zimbu, and Spikenard. Made in accordance with the ancient Dakkar Taso Monastery Tradition.

These natural Tibetan incenses are manufactured in Nepal in accordance with ancient text and tradition. Their production provides employment for low-income families whilst preserving the age-old incense and paper-making techniques of past generations.

Proceeds from incense and journal sales support the preservation and replantation of Lokta in Dolkha and Sindhupaichok, Nepal.

The incense rolls are presented in bundles of 19 sticks. They are 14cm long and burn for approximately 45 minutes. They are each wrapped in handcrafted lokta paper.